November 29, 2019

A bit of a perfectionist

This took so many


November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Corey McCarty Illustration! As a way of saying thanks here is a free coloring page! Maybe something to color between the Macy’s Parade and the Turkey. Be sure to share a pic of your coloring with me! Click for a high res image Send me your ...


November 25, 2019

The Knave

The Knave - Illustration by Corey McCarty Written and illustrated by Corey McCarty On a tower of books the young knave sits dreaming of distant lands. With a far away look and his nose in a book too big for his tiny hands. He read two books about pirates and three about dragons and knights. He's read about trolls with eyes like black coals and snakes with venomous bites. Two books about mermaids, one ...


November 24, 2019

At the beach..

Written and illustrated by Corey McCarty An old woman sat on a pink lawn chair Set on the day glow beach Sun and sand in her long gray hair And her flamingo on a ...


November 20, 2019

Sketchbook : PJ Harvey

I’ve been listening to PJ Harvey a lot again lately and I was inspired to do a


November 18, 2019

My first Inktober . . .

This year is my first year to complete Inktober! I have made half-hearted attempts to participate in past years but could never stick it out. This year I actually succeeded in completing it! For those who have not been indoctrinated: Inktober was begun by a fellow illustrator by the name of Jake Parker. In an attempt to push ourselves to improve our drawing skills and to make it a little fun he issued the challenge to ...